Sunday, August 10, 2008


hye loves!

we've recently changed our layout & the link list of other blog shops we love has dissapeared :(

please be patient while we update the list & do drop your web addresses at our chatbox so we can find your links again :)

a thousand apologies for the inconvenience ya

By the way, we've compiled all items which are still available here so you don't have to scroll all the wayyy down :)

Since we are in a good mood, we welcome you loves to ask us for discounts for these items below yay!


*OLA 28 : WH polka dot dress


Steal Sarah Jessica Parker's look!
OLA loves loves loves the tie-up back!
Stretchable & excellent condition!
Fits sizes L & xL.
Never worn before!
Retail price RM89, selling at RM35!

*OLA 51: authentic ZARA black long sleeved top

OLA loves the collar!
So versatile you can match it with anything.
Fits sizes M, L & xL
Retail price RM129, selling at RM 30!


*OLA 57 : glam black flats

Never worn before!
Fits sizes 8 & 9
Retail price RM39.90, selling at RM15!

*OLA 41 : love machine tshirt

This tshirt is so cute!
It's perfect for a casual day out.
Fits sizes L & xL.
Retail price RM30, selling at RM15!

*OLA 43 : WH black shirt

A crisp black shirt is a must have in every girl's wardrobe.
OLA loves the high collar and the stretchable cotton material!
Very seldom worn.
Fits sizes L & xL.
Retail price RM89, selling at RM30!


*OLA 36 : light pink beach mini

This lil mini is oh so cute!
Wear it to the beach or for a fun day out!
Only worn once!
Fits sizes L & xL.
Selling at RM15!

*OLA 15: NINE WEST beach thongs

These pair of thongs are to die for!
Just look at the blue & yellow prints! *faints*
Worn only twice(for less than 30 mins) & still in great condition.
Fits size 7 1/2.
Retail price RM359, selling at RM150!
NOW RM120!


*OLA 7 : grey bedazzled skirt
Wear it with a nice little top & off you go shopping with the girlfriends or the boyfriend :)
Fits sizes s & m.
Retail price RM39, selling at RM12!

*OLA 10 : teddy tee

OLA thinks this little tee is the cutest thing ever!
It's hip! It's comfy & you can wear it anywhere u like!
Fits sizes xs & s.
Retail price RM20, selling at RM5!


*OLA 63 : necklaces & bracelets
*click to enlarge

*OLA 63 01 : turquoise stone necklace.
Retail price RM39, selling at rm15!

*OLA 63 02 :
axxezz blue choker.
Retail price RM59, selling at

*click to enlarge

*OLA 63 03 : black beaded bracelet.
Selling at RM10!


*OLA 63 04 : axxezz white sweet bracelet.
Retail price RM49, selling at RM15!

*OLA 63 05 : twinkle little star bracelet.
Retail price RM29, selling at RM10!

*OLA 69 : white gypsy skirt

This skirt is the sweetest thing!
So versatile as you can wear it night & day!
Retail price RM50, selling at RM15!


*OLA 70 : green shirt

Just look at the cute sleeves!
OLA loves this shirt as it's extra comfy & sweet!
Wear it with skirt or jeans
Fits sizes L & xL
Retail price RM65, selling at RM25!

*OLA 68 : brown sleeveless top

Just look at that unique neckline! Isn't it cute?
Wear it with a cardi or just by itself!
Super comfy
Brand new without tag
Marked size S but the material is really stretchable & can fit until xL
Retail price RM49, selling at RM15!

Happy shopping ladies! =)


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