Saturday, June 28, 2008

Prices cut!

Hye darlings!

There are some items selling off cheaper than before! So grab them before you regret it! :)

Scroll down to see the items!

ps. Please tell OLA whenever you are no longer interested in purchasing any items. Don't worry! We won't bite or list your names as "dead beat" buyers because we'll understand :)


Friday, June 27, 2008

OLA is back!

Hye darlings!

After a huge success selling off our items ( thanks to all of you babes out there!), OLA has added a few more items out for grabs selling off oh-so-cheap!

Grab them now! :)

*OLA 28: CROCS black platforms

CROCS are all the rage this season.

Not only are they cute, but they're absolutely & positively comfy!! :)

These black platforms are definitely a steal.

Fits size 8.

Only worn once!

Retail price RM129, selling at RM70!


*OLA 29: CK denim jacket

OLA got this as a gift.

Gorgeous denim material!

Fits sizes L & xL.

Selling at RM40!


*OLA 30: retro top/dress

Retro prints are so in nowadays!

OLA loves the cheerful colour combination of this comfy top!

Pair it with leggings/jeans or even wear it by itself & you're off looking hot!

Fits sizes L & xL

Never worn before!

Retail price RM59, selling at RM25!


*OLA 31: beige paisley skirt

This paisley skirt is just the sweetest thing!

OLA loves the paisley designs.

Also has a beutiful inner lining.

Fits sizes L & xL.

Very seldom worn.

Retail price RM79, selling at RM25!


Happy shopping ladies!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

OLA updates!

Come & grab OLA's new stuff selling off cheap cheap cheap!

ps. OLA would like to thank everyone who supported us! We heart you! :)

*OLA 22 : cutesy white tank top

this white tank top is soo cute!

OLA loves the pretty colourful flowers on it & the criss cross back.

It's comfy & stretchable.

Fits sizes S, M & small L.

Retail price RM25, selling at RM6!



*OLA 23 : funky bracelets

001: authentic turquoise stones. selling at rm10 for 3!NOW RM 7!RESERVED!

002: vintage bracelet. selling at rm12! NOW RM7! SOLD!

003: colourful stones. selling at rm10!NOW RM7! RESERVED!

004: cute polkadots. selling at rm5! SOLD!

*OLA 24 : miss sixteen flowery top

This purple & green top is perfect for the sweet girl next door look!

Fits size L.

Retail price RM49, selling at RM15!


OLA 25 : polka dot dress

You can wear this dark blue & white dress by itself or match up with a pair of leggings!

Polka dots are very in this season & they are just so cute!

Free size (material stretchable)

Never worn before!

Retail price RM55, selling at RM20!


*OLA 26 : beaded beach bag

Bought this bag from Moleque boutique in
TTDI & OLA absolutely loves the design!

Retail price RM79, selling at RM28!


*OLA 27 : hot pink sling bag

Stuff all your belongings in this cute pink bag & bring it to anywhere you want!

Retail price RM25, selling at RM7!


Happy shopping ladies! <3

Monday, June 9, 2008

Juz a Little More

OLA adds two more items out for grabs! :)

*OLA 20 : original RALPH LAUREN tote bag

OLA lovesss the plaid design on this bag!

The black & brown colour makes it easy to match it up with any outfit.

It will give you that sleek & professional look in an instant.

Very seldom worn.

Retail price at RM315, selling at RM140!


OLA 21
hot red AXXEZZ handbag

Big bags are so in this season!

This axxezz handbag will keep u in style while giving you lots of space to stuff all your belongings.

Retail price RM169, selling at RM50!


Happy shopping ladies!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

More from OLA!

More items going cheap cheap cheap!

Grab hold of them now! :)

*OLA 11 : glam black wrist bag

You can put everything you need in this fabulous little purse!

Hand phone, cash, your favourite lip gloss!

For those who love going out hassle-free, this wrist bag is definitely a steal.

Versatile usage for day & night.

Retail price RM49, selling at RM12!


*OLA 12 : funky belts

OLA loves these belts!

Something funky to zest up your outfit.

Free size.

Rocker belt & floral belt selling at RM5 each!


*OLA 13 : black & pink juicy

OLA's preloved bag.

So cute, so fashionista!

Retail price RM69, selling at RM25!


*OLA 14 : NINE WEST handbag

This bag is so adorable!!

Grab it now before we change our minds.

Never worn before.

Retail price RM289, selling at RM120!


*OLA 16 : HUSH PUPPIES Platforms

It's not easy finding a pair of platforms which provides great comfort.

These black hush puppies platforms will give you the extra oomph without you hurting your pretty feet!

Fits size 8.

Retail price RM239, selling at RM45!


*OLA 17 : hot pink pumps

This pair of pumps will definitely get you some attention!

OLA loves the bright hot pink.

Fits size 9.

Retail price RM79, selling at RM25!

*not for fussy buyers


*OLA 18 : simple black heels

OLA loves the little bow on this pair of heels.

Fits size 8.

Retail price RM59, selling at RM15!



*OLA 19 : polka dot tie

Isn't this just the cutest tie ever?

Wear it with a shirt or tee for a fun day out!

Selling at RM5!


Happy shopping ladies!