Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Clearance clearance!

Hye loves!

This is probably going to be one of our last posts as OLA is going to take a break so grab these items fast! :)

ps. OLA won't be available to post items or COD until next monday ya. Please do bank in your payments(for poslaju) before that.Thanks loves!

*OLA 64 : cute black pinafore

OLA loves pinafores!
But we have two other black ones already so we have to let this one go!
Just look at the cute buttons!
Really good condition :)
Fits sizes L & xL
Retail price RM79, selling at RM40!


*OLA 65 : authentic ROXY plaid handbag

OLA loves the red & brown plaid design!
Worn only several times
Retail price RM189.90, selling at RM65!


*OLA 66 : ZARA brown velvet hooded jacket

This brown velvet hoodie is soooo comfy & stylish!
Still in good condition!
Fits sizes L & xL
Retail price RM169, selling at RM60!


*OLA 67 : black burberry tee

A stylish black tee for the fashionable girl!
Worn several times
Fits sizes L & xL
Selling at RM15!


*OLA 71 : EAST INDIA CO long denim rodeo skirt

This long skirt is stretchable yet stylish!
OLA loves the cowgirl-ish look this skirt offers :)
Worn only once!
Fits sizes L & xL
Retail price RM150, selling at RM60!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


*OLA 56 : black & pink skirt

This skirt gives the ultimate slimming effect!
Has a pretty inner lining.
Very seldom worn.
Waist 32-34
Fits size xL
Retail price RM59.90, selling at RM25!


*OLA 58 : LV multicolore bag

minor crayon marks on one side of the bag

*not for fussy buyers

OLA loves loves this bag!
Unfortunately OLA has too many bags so we just have to let this one go :)
Retail price RM100+, selling at RM 25!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Everything at RM20!

Hye loves! Just a short post with some more items up for grabs :)

*OLA 60 : black stripey

Stripes are so in right now!
This collared tee is so comfy as the material is stretchable & light!
Fits sizes L & xL
Brand new without tag
Retail price RM49.90, selling at RM20!


*OLA 61 : vintage i LOVE burger tee

OLA loves burgers! :)
This cute tee is really comfy & hip!
Worn only once
Fits sizes L & xL
Retail price Rm39, selling at RM 20!


*OLA 62 : VOIR bronze sling bag/clutch

Has detachable starps so can be made into a clutch!
cool right? :)

The bronze colour makes it really classy!
Never worn before
Retail price RM45, selling at RM20!


Happy shopping ladies!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Massive clearance! Everything below RM45!

Hye darlings! OLA is having a massive clearance sale! Everything is selling at its cheapest price :)

Grab them now!

ps. Get free postage when you purchase 3 items & above yay!

*OLA 44
: classy black top

OLA loves the lace collar on this black top :)
Never worn before!
Fits sizes L & xL.
Retail price RM49.90, selling at RM25!


*OLA 45 : purple queen tshirt

This vintage tee tells everyone you're the queen! :)
Seldom worn!
Fits sizes L & xL.
Retail price RM39.90, selling at RM15!


*OLA 46 : authentic ZARA tshirt

OMG this ZARA tshirt is too cute!
Fits sizes L & xL!
Retail price RM99.90, selling at RM40!


*OLA 47 : black floral shirt

OLA loves the colourful retro pattern!
Brand new with tag.
Fits sizes L & xL.
Selling at RM25!


*OLA 48: mustard yellow victorian top

This top is just so classy & OLA loves the colour!
Pair it with skinny jeans to look hot hot hot!
Brand new with tag :)
Fits sizes L & xL
Selling at RM30!


*OLA 49: psychedelic babydoll top

Babydoll tops are just so in right now.
This black & pink top is just the cutest thing
Material stretchable!
Worn only once!
Fits sizes M, L & xL
Selling at RM30!


*OLA 50 : WH black wrap around cardi

This wrap around cardi is just so pretty :)
It's not exactly detachable but gives the illusion of a wrap around!
Very seldom worn & material stretchable
Fits sizes M, L & xL
Retail price RM89.90, selling at RM30!


*OLa 52 : DOROTHY PERKINS off shoulder black top

OLA loves off shoulder tops as it flatters us curvy girls :)
Fits sizes L & xL
Retail price RM129.90, selling at RM40!


*OLA 53 : GAP grey striped top

OLA got this as a gift :)
This top is so comfy and perfect for a casual day out!
Fits sizes L & xL
Selling at RM35!


*OLA 55: vintage lace dress

Suitable for a fun day out or a glamorous night out!
OLA loves loves loves the lace neckline & beige material.
Stretchable at the back
Never worn before!
Pair it with a cardi & leggings or wear it just by itself!
Fits sizes L & xL
Retail price RM79.90, selling at RM35!


*OLA 59 : ipanema thongs

Ipanemas are all the rage right now!
Reason for selling : got 2 other ones already hehu :)
Worn only 3 times tops!
Fits sizes 7 & 8
Retail price RM49.90, selling at RM25!


Happy shopping ladies! :)